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  5. Privet i sorry za translit Elf Sjop nahoditsa v lokacii Market Orbi padaiut v deviase Serv po fanu Kamni s box of heaven (propishi v kliker)
  6. Так же вопрос по дропу и шопам. Где Эльф шоп? Где дропает orb of defence если шопа нет? 21век мб есть дискорд и/или телеграм каналы для игроков? особенно если русскоязычное сообщество выделено отдельно. Это серв открыт по фану? тут все друг друга уже знаю? В семью примете? Будет ли меняться дроп? вроде 12 часов на споте простоял 2 хаоса и не думаю что я так сварю что нибудь скоро))) если есть альтернативы с удовольствием выслушаю. Не играл наверное с 3-4 сезона. Заранее спасибо
  7. Instant DC? You think Administrators are fools? Have e rest, man.
  8. its nearly 24h after DS and still bugged
  9. Hello! Seems like tribunal give up? :> server will die soon anyway bc admin dont care anymore and u played like rats - and still leaving 1st? ;] ok, lets back to the topic - we won stage 1 today - Forest something like 270 kills, tribunal 150? After stage 1 i had instant DC on DL who had most kills in my @ and after this DC i cant warp to dungeon. I know Admin wont even read it but still ;] Anyway guild Forest should be an owner of DS.
  10. Clock after the limit of 10 min .
  11. I do not allow or prohibit anything that player possible can do. It is our problem, and we have to fix it. As a Dungeon Siege frxmpl.
  12. Another rat platstyle ;] Even GM allows to do that ;] To be honest i dont know what dropping there and dont need this but its funny dont worry, i have suprise for u aswell :>
  13. Stop spaming, guys)
  14. you think that Admin will read this and will leave all other things what he need to do and start fixing this event?)
  15. We dont need your reply here , is not for you this , is for admin .
  16. then dont write here its have been told that end of the month should be huge update ... wait and then complain if thats not fixed.
  17. I dont think admin intented to last forever one stage of event . If intended is ok , we play by the rules , but if not , you are using this to ruin the game . Lets wait to see what admin has to say . We dont need your reply here , because is not targeted to you this post .
  18. when you all gona stop crying here? jsut pull out that fat finger from your ars and start doing something... make strategys dirty or not its your choice... in my opinion this blocking is the same as killing on bosses. why we need to let you farm there? too bad if you findet out what is the drop there to late... you have your guild members who knew about this but didnt share with you because theyre farming for them selfes only our guild and aliance is diferent from yours we farm together and share with each other so stop crying that you cant get in there
  19. In this moment another char is blocking , ban them on ip please admin , this is really bad play .
  20. Those who block the event should be banned on ip , to learn the leasson .
  21. Admin these guys who do this should be banned on ip . Now is another char blocking .
  22. Tribunal ok
  23. SoniC and devo from Tribunal
  24. u know his nickname?
  25. Hello admin this is crazy what happend wtf man in gaion is one player who block the event every day wtf admin can you do SOMTHING or make restriction for player its not NORMAL
  26. This guy is blocking for 36 h now . Before him was Defo from Tribunal . Such nice players .
  27. One stage should last 10 min , but it doesnt , it last forever , and some players are blocking the event by leaving there chars AFK . Not ok . We cant play this . They gained items and now they are not letting us play ans gain items . Thank you .
  28. Идет работа над сервером. Апдейт будет позже, очень большой объем работ.
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