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  4. Nothing concrete atm
  5. Hi admin are u restarting the server?
  6. Have you tried Haos Goblin?
  7. which NPC to mix the grand hero item????
  8. Privet i sorry za translit Elf Sjop nahoditsa v lokacii Market Orbi padaiut v deviase Serv po fanu Kamni s box of heaven (propishi v kliker)
  9. Так же вопрос по дропу и шопам. Где Эльф шоп? Где дропает orb of defence если шопа нет? 21век мб есть дискорд и/или телеграм каналы для игроков? особенно если русскоязычное сообщество выделено отдельно. Это серв открыт по фану? тут все друг друга уже знаю? В семью примете? Будет ли меняться дроп? вроде 12 часов на споте простоял 2 хаоса и не думаю что я так сварю что нибудь скоро))) если есть альтернативы с удовольствием выслушаю. Не играл наверное с 3-4 сезона. Заранее спасибо
  10. С золотых мобов Краст,Сатир,Робот(аида),Косичка(реликт) падает блес вместо бокса. С +5 бокса падют шмотки дивайн, ашкроу, эклипс,дарк стил так и задумано или же баг(они с +3 или +4 падают) Просто с этого же +5 падает и даркфеникс, дарксоул, даркмастер...
  11. Добрый день. После того как я прокачал баф ЕЕ в Мастер скилах он стал длиться 1 минуту вместо 10.
  12. Chaos Castle 6-7 ходят вместе, не равный бой однако... фикс ит
  13. As you know server is based on English, so as I assume ppl at /post should talk at language everyone understand, so I asked normaly to talk russian in private, so i get this response...
  14. Cant login whit my acc in web site... after reach reach lvl 400 how to make reset when i cant login whit my acc in web... put ON command /reset.... Now i need to wait and lose time... enter in game whit my acc whitout problem but in web....... and client crash some time whiout reason...
  15. So I have gathered 20 Renas so far and the first time I got a jewel of bless, which is you know... bad luck, always expected in mu. The second time you will never guess what I got... dark soul boots +7+0 not even with luck, like is this for real? What have you guys gotten from chaos cards? Am I extremely unlucky or this is just not working as intended?
  16. Hey. Since the Mu started I've been playing Fornite and MU normally, but since 1 hour ago I am not able to do it, My Mu close automatically when I open the Fornite's game, we've been playing (we are a group of 10-12 friends) without any issues, but now we are not able, is like it's making us choose between one of the games, instead of being able to rum them both simultaneously as always, how can we solve this and avoid this happen? We don't want to leave the MU server, we were having so much fun, but we have money invested on Fornite as well. Attached a capture of the error. Admin, any ideas? @Admin
  17. Team vs team event is always during Happy Hours so I never end up going there since I rather would not waste 2x exp and 2x drop bonus. I'd like to suggest to place Team vs team event outside of Happy hour duration.
  18. TheOmen - Ban Period : 5 Days Reason:
  19. Hello! Is there any way to change game resolution to something higher then 1280*1024 ?
  20. @Admin RF 2 rr Ene/Agi build is hitting 160 DMG in nora ruins. Is it normal? Also, dragon roar is severely nerfed to the point that it makes the skill useless. It should hit 4 times and in a larger area.
  21. im training at noria ruins and some red players just killing whole pt and when he dies he comes again i think if ppls die in noria ruins should teleport to somehere alse not to noria ruins so red ppls wont come over and over again
  22. Firs Castle Siege Registration : 31.12.2018 Castle Siege Start Day : Sunday Date : 06.01.2019 Time: 18:00 (London) =================================== Firs Dungeon Siege Registration : 06.01.2019 - 11.01.2019 Castle Siege Start Day : Friday Date : 11.01.2019 Time: 19:15 (London)
  23. Black, BlackME Account Ban ! Period : Permanent Reason:
  24. Обменяю 2е винги ельфа+ игнор на СМ винги +лак или +игнор.
  25. I propose to do so, when character dies in the Arena, he teleported to Devias. Otherwise, you can arrange an infinite PK on Arena. Monsters from the spot walks around the arena. It would be nice to put "blocks" on the spot entrance areas.
  26. Можно сделать описание квест системы? Первой ветки?
  27. Тагну пару челиков в основной пак клана ремпейдж. Нужны ДЛ, СМ. Дискорд+микро обязательны.
  28. Admin can u delete or Move one of this spot`s please?
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