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    Crash Client Fixed ! For Update just re-Open Launcher and Start Game. Enjoy ! New Updates are coming ! New Good Things. Stay Tuned.
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    Welcome to ArcMu Online Private Server ! ArcMu is an international private MuOnline Season 6 server and its the latest version, therefore our project can be considered as innovation. This is what new players are looking for and everyone wants to play and see all the newset features. One important thing is that the server does not receive donations and sells nothing to anyone. You will have a stable game and a great competition. Our project is at last in the final stage of development. Server ArcMu is already in the Open Beta – you can register, download the game client and get acquainted with the world of ArcMu Online. Beta testing will last until December 1st, after that all characters, game progress and currencies will be deleted. The only things that will remain are your accounts, passwords and invited referrals. Therefore, it is a great time to invite your friends. When your friends reach a certain amount of resets you will receive rewards. Until December 1st the Experience is 100x More Server Information
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    Hero System You need 1 GrandReset for Hero System Hero Map - in Lorencia there is Grand Hero NPC (Teleport to Hero map). To create a "Grand Item" you need ExStone which drops on the new map "Hero map" The monsters on this map are very strong, so you can only get there by reaching the Grand Reset. Grand Item - support Excellent + Ancient + Socket + Exclusive options! Items can only be worn when reaching Grand Reset. Creating a grand items Cooking Grand Item: - 1 Jewel Of Chaos - 1 Jewel Of Creation - 30 Jewel Of Bless - 30 Jewel Of Soul - 1 Exellent Item +9 +option - 1 Ancent Item +9 +option - 10 ExStone - 500 000 zen Hero map Boss Hero map drops: Hero Top Weapons :))
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    Firs Castle Siege Registration : 31.12.2018 Castle Siege Start Day : Sunday Date : 06.01.2019 Time: 18:00 (London)
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    Here comes some commands and emotions. Lets be friendly! Stats distribution: /str - scatter free points on Strength (ex. /str 123) /agi - scatter free points on Agility (ex. /agi 123) /vit - scatter free points on Vitality (ex. /vit 123)) /ene - scatter free points on Energy (ex. /ene 123) /cmd - scatter free points on Command (ex. /cmd 123) Commands for communication: /post - send a message (it will be seen by all players of the server) @ - send a message to Guild (Only Guild members will see) @@ - send a message to Ally (Will View and Allie Members) @> - Ads in the guild (only the guildmaster can do ~ - send a message to the Party (Only the participants (s) in the Party will see) # - the message above the head will hang for 35 seconds /re off - Block requests from other players (for example: / re off) /re on - Unlock requests from other players (for example:/re on) /request off -Block requests from other players (for example: /request off) /request on - Unlock requests from other players (for example: /request on) Commands for expressing emotions: /Hi /Hello /Welcome - Worship /^^ /Haha - Laugh /; /Sorry - Regret /-_- /Huh - Cross your arms over your chest /Great - Raise your hands /Bye - Wave goodbye //Cold - Shiver from the cold /Come - call out. /Cry - Cry /Never /Not - Negatively waving his arms /Good/Nice/Wow - Clap /OK/Again - Raise a hand /Respect/Defeated - To bend the knee /Rush /go go - Gesture - Attack! /Sir - To give honor and conscience /That/There - Show by hand - That's it /Victory/Win - Gesture - Victory! /OK/Again - Raise a hand /Sleep/Tired - To yawn /Hustle - Show an indecent gesture /Pooh - Cross your arms /Look around - look around Shared keys: Left mouse button: Move, Attack, lean, or sit down Right mouse button: use skills / items [Ctrl] + click: Attack of another player (PvP) Tab : Enable / disable the minimap Shift : Keep the hero in position Spacebar :Automatically pick up the nearest items from the ground Print Screen :Make a screenshot (the file is saved in the game folder) ALT : Show names of items on the ground M : Moving between locations (cities) D : Auto Command Window F : Open / Close Muscuer N : Window to search for party / guild X : Open / close Cash shop C : Character settings P : Traders window G :Guild Window F1 : Help Potions / Skills: Q : Apply the potion (default - Healing Potion) W : Apply the potion (default - Mana Potion) E : Apply the potion (default - Antidote) CTRL + figure 1-9: Assign a skill to the number CTRL + Q/W/E on any kind of potions in the inventory: Assign the application of the selected potion to the selected key numbers from 1 to 9: Switching between assigned skills
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    Wings lvl 4 mix Recipe for cooking:- Jewel Of Chaos- Jewel Of Creation- Crystel Of Condor- 30x Jewel Of Bless- 30x Jewel Of Soul- Exellent Items +9 +4add- Wings 3 level +9 +4add- 25 000 000 ZenThe probability of a successful cooking 50%
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    CC is mostly empty so current reward probably isnt too tempting.
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    Elbeland Boss Rewards * Lucky Helm level 2 * Lucky Armor level 2 * Lucky Pants level 2 * Lucky Gloves level 2 * Lucky Boots level 2 Sometimes you can get zen or simple items from Boss drop.
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    Pandora box Event location : Devias (Random) Rewards: * Bundled Jewel of Bless 10 * Bundled Jewel of Soul 10 * Bundled Jewel of Life 10 * Bundled Jewel of Chaos 10 * Bundled Jewel of Creation 10 * Blood Castle Ticket * Devil Square Ticket
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    Так же вопрос по дропу и шопам. Где Эльф шоп? Где дропает orb of defence если шопа нет? 21век мб есть дискорд и/или телеграм каналы для игроков? особенно если русскоязычное сообщество выделено отдельно. Это серв открыт по фану? тут все друг друга уже знаю? В семью примете? Будет ли меняться дроп? вроде 12 часов на споте простоял 2 хаоса и не думаю что я так сварю что нибудь скоро))) если есть альтернативы с удовольствием выслушаю. Не играл наверное с 3-4 сезона. Заранее спасибо
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    Как понять ходят вместе? Пожалуйста чуть подробнее.
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    Does it mean anyone can ruin other pt by sending their party to other map or else? I saw lots party/people in noria teleport,keep attacking nothing,i guess they been move by someone that want their spot,something like that?
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    as i can see your antihack system have issue with easy anti cheat system used by fortnite. Uploading requested file for you. FortniteClient-Win64-Shipping.exe
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    @Admin any ideas? Main char nicknames of PK alts like LadyDeath should be official for everyone - we want to "say thank you" to guys who are trying to make ppl leave this server - cowards, nothing more ;]
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    We will never get really big fights if it stays like that.
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    this event has become useless
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    Hey guys I'm looking for english and spanish speakers for our guild Noxus. Hola, estamos buscando gente de habla hispana para guild Noxus/League Everyone is welcome