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    No. You can use summon skill only for people who are with you in one party/ But if you make an autoparty open anyone can join and try tu summon you anywere. People in Noria sometimes "attack nothing" coz there is no safe zone at this location. So after "death" Mu Helper (clicker) still works and character try to go back to the spot. (original position)
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    Hey. Since the Mu started I've been playing Fornite and MU normally, but since 1 hour ago I am not able to do it, My Mu close automatically when I open the Fornite's game, we've been playing (we are a group of 10-12 friends) without any issues, but now we are not able, is like it's making us choose between one of the games, instead of being able to rum them both simultaneously as always, how can we solve this and avoid this happen? We don't want to leave the MU server, we were having so much fun, but we have money invested on Fornite as well. Attached a capture of the error. Admin, any ideas? @Admin