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  1. Yup,but if still cant,just restart your pc/laptop or else
  2. Thanks for your explanation
  3. Does it mean anyone can ruin other pt by sending their party to other map or else? I saw lots party/people in noria teleport,keep attacking nothing,i guess they been move by someone that want their spot,something like that?
  4. Not just ARENA,other map like Noria too,can make davias and lorencia for respawn town,look like old topic and undecided,i hope admin consider it,tq
  5. HI,, if there is a command to make other char dc,move whole party to other map or town,hope it can be disable,btw just a suggestion,tq
  6. Me 2,crash and cannot update when launch client if 1 window still online,,so i just restart my laptop,prob solve,seem like if using dual client,i keep having this prob,so i cant just afk more than 6-8 hour,1 of the game window closing itself,so i just restart it
  7. Yup,should monitor his other acc too in future,tq
  8. LOL