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  1. Hello. Can you fix the duration time of elf's buff please ? After using master tree points in defense and attack power the duration time of buffs is back to 60 seconds instead of 10 minutes like it made by You Admin. I asked once on test serwer and it was fixed, now its back again to 60 seconds. Thanks.
  2. Hello. Gaion Event is bugged. Its not possible to pass the gate. There is no gate to destroy it and its not possible to pass it. Fix it please.
  3. Not calling the police
  4. Calm guys. If someone on the street gonna say to you F**k off, will you call the police ? Childs...
  5. I didnt say its low. I think is very high. I dont complain about RF DMG. It is low at low resets, too low IMO but it is like that so I play like it is.
  6. I had this twice. Twice I was in party. Once i Lost Box from Tantalos. Once from Golden Dragon.
  7. I had RF on 16RF before wipe serwer. I could make over 50k dmg with ign def and exc dmg.
  8. I had same. I killed Golden Tantalos and random AE walked by stole my box laughting true my face....
  9. WTF Fiolle ? I dont have second account on forum. I am not Tokyo. I dont know anything about renas.
  10. Hello. 1. Some people in my guild had same problem. Our characters deals no dmg. Its not about miss, just our attack does nothing. I tried to make doppelganger event but becuase I cant hit every mob I failed few times. 2. % of Succes rate of soul and jol without luck should be rise up a bit. Its really difficult to make any item +9 and opt 16. Items with luck works with soul nice, but without its looks like lower than 50%. 3. Schrikers in Kalima 7 drops only zen. 4. I think its very important to add some spots in lorencia before start tommorow. Right now we have only 4 spots in Lorencia. With more than 300 players on start it will be a problem. Same for Aida2. There is so much space for spots. Add some Blue Golem spots and Witch Queen spots please.
  11. I have nothing from start till now. No BoH, no medals, no hearts. Before reset even after drop from 35% to 5% After 4h we should get a few of it.
  12. Why my post has to be content by a moderator ? My last post was deleted. I will write one more time. I get from Medusa few socket items +1 socket and Brass boots and leg pants +0+0. Fix drop from medusa. She shouldnt drop normal items.
  13. This is dmg from hand or what ? Show the formulas for skills.