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  1. its nearly 24h after DS and still bugged
  2. Hello! Seems like tribunal give up? :> server will die soon anyway bc admin dont care anymore and u played like rats - and still leaving 1st? ;] ok, lets back to the topic - we won stage 1 today - Forest something like 270 kills, tribunal 150? After stage 1 i had instant DC on DL who had most kills in my @ and after this DC i cant warp to dungeon. I know Admin wont even read it but still ;] Anyway guild Forest should be an owner of DS.
  3. From "test drive" edition ;]
  4. I wasnt present for the siege becouse i knew that we cant fight for it ;p
  5. Still not working
  6. now its too late;]
  7. So.... Maybe Loren is a problem? Erohim? It wont happen before CS
  8. Im not crying about PK - we just want to know who trying to kill us on alt - probably one of u ;] Want to say Thanks to him
  9. @Admin any ideas? Main char nicknames of PK alts like LadyDeath should be official for everyone - we want to "say thank you" to guys who are trying to make ppl leave this server - cowards, nothing more ;]
  10. Is should be 15-20% before CS too - its really low rate
  11. Admin should think about problem with killing ppl on spots with their alt accounts - its fine for me but 25-50% ppl leaving server after few deaths from alt accounts in the middle of night (its not good for all of us when someone leaving - even our enemy). If someone wanna kill ppl on spots he should go with his main char (show himself) - now they hiding on their alt acc because they dont wanna die on main chars when they sleeping.
  12. well, that would be really good. ppl killing others on their alt acc - ppl would think twice with that command before kill someone ;]
  13. Because alot of ppl like this race at start ? Go with dog, clean ur room, talk with girlfriend, 3h left ;]
  14. great time ;]
  15. Hello, @Admin what do You think about create a vote for time of server start? Its just a sugestion. Most of us working and prefer 5-6pm for server start - we all love to start at the same time and fight for ranking in 1st day ;] Its just my subjective opinion.