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  1. Hey guys, I'm looking for a guild that has active english speakers, I'm an sMG with 1rr working towards a 2nd. Hit me up!
  2. how do you want us to use a translator in game if I can't even type those weird letters lol english is an international language, it's not my first language either but what else would you want me to speak in /post chat? MANDARIN? lmao
  3. fiolle, please message me on Darius

    1. Fiolle


      I am here =)

  4. You can't /dcfriend on this server. However you can use summon on a dark lord to move your party somewhere else.
  5. Thank you @Admin please update haha
  6. Any updates on this?
  7. So I have gathered 20 Renas so far and the first time I got a jewel of bless, which is you know... bad luck, always expected in mu. The second time you will never guess what I got... dark soul boots +7+0 not even with luck, like is this for real? What have you guys gotten from chaos cards? Am I extremely unlucky or this is just not working as intended?
  8. that's cool but still not worth it lol oh well, chaos card officially sucks
  9. I play fortnite with my friends while we all play MU at the same time, since the latest change to the security system in MU whenever we open fortnite it closes our MU accounts. Can we get a fix on this? Please @Admin
  10. I tried Liet fix but it didn't work. @Admin I know its new years eve but could you maybe reroll the changes on the anti hack and ban again the hack users lol, i dont know but please fix this
  11. @Admin This issue still happening, I restarted my pc, reinstalled mu, and kept trying a few times but still happening. Please fix this
  12. here is the NSE log that is attached to that mu shutdown NSE-Service.log
  13. Please fix this add an exception rule to the secure engine or something, this is probably due to the latest change you made on the anti hack. @Admin
  14. where is everyone getting these great exc items +L? Box of Kundun +5?
  15. he could set the respawn to Lorencia instead. So that when we get killed we get moved to lorencia. that would discourage PKs to keep killing without penalty.
  16. He wants a system that shows who is actually Killing everyone. Let me explain it further... Let's say hypothetically: I have an alt account with an AE with at least 2rr. That means I'm strong right now and probably can kill everyone, but my name is "love2pk" so nobody knows who I am, who my main account is, like I'm Firehun but nobody knows that because I'm killing them with another account. Now, what this guy is saying is that he wants a system that allows us to see who's characters belong to each IP, meaning we could see who that PK account belongs to and we could actually get revenge. Does that many any sense? In my opinion it would be great to implement that into the game but a bit hard and could be fooled with VPN.
  17. We're making an alliance. Gotta think big!
  18. Hey guys I'm looking for english and spanish speakers for our guild Noxus. Hola, estamos buscando gente de habla hispana para guild Noxus/League Everyone is welcome
  19. Agreed but this might be a bit hard to implement into the server. I personally hate these AE's alternative chars that keep killing everyone in every map. Can't afk in peace lol
  20. Admin, why even if I kill a golden mob and deal 100% of the damage it says the dropped item doesn't belong to me? I literally killed a golden mob and someone else walked by and stole the BOK that dropped lol. I think the drop should belong to the highest damage dealer. @Admin
  21. you can have up to 10 members in your party, just get one of each class and fill up with whatever
  22. yeah RF is broken (in a bad way) just keep him for buffs because his damage is useless
  23. Is smithy going to work on server release? If so, could we get a guide on how it will work? Sounds like a good feature.
  24. agreed, like when you're killed in Icarus you get teleported to devias. When you get killed in noria you should be teleported to lorencia. Noria is huge but not big enough for a pk to think about walking back to a spot and kill everyone.