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  1. Yeah, to be honest, I've just abandoned the server for this, I can't leave it leveling at nights because this happens, I don't understand how can the others hold their accounts all night long and take more and more advantage, it disconnects to us every night, and lose more and more advantage daily.
  2. Ugh.. I am getting tired.. Honestly i am almost leaving too Need fortnite and MU together on my life
  3. So, is this language allowed @Admin ? there is no punishment for this?
  4. I think i'll too.. i can't play fornite and MU anymore and i'll have to make a decision.
  5. whenever I try to buy an item with wcoin on any store it says I have to unpack my jewels and I don´t even have jewels packed or at all. The selling price is just wcoin. Why is this happening? How can I buy items from other players with wcoin?
  6. If its not too much trouble you could also download fortnite and try to check why its generating that error. Otherwise hopefully Liet´s shipping .exe works for you and we can get this fixed asap since we´re dying to play but obviously we dont want to stop playing mu either.
  7. So its not our only group.. you play fornite too, you can add me "Cat Sheet", we could play as soon as the @Admin can solve this issue.. last night i lost a lot of exp, i am getting behind for this
  8. Sadly, stil the sa3me issue
  9. Sadly no, still happend.
  10. Hey. Since the Mu started I've been playing Fornite and MU normally, but since 1 hour ago I am not able to do it, My Mu close automatically when I open the Fornite's game, we've been playing (we are a group of 10-12 friends) without any issues, but now we are not able, is like it's making us choose between one of the games, instead of being able to rum them both simultaneously as always, how can we solve this and avoid this happen? We don't want to leave the MU server, we were having so much fun, but we have money invested on Fornite as well. Attached a capture of the error. Admin, any ideas? @Admin