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  1. wasnt trying to do goldens befor..
  2. even great golden dragon is easy to kill at 10rr. it should be endgame golden imo
  3. long time passed this problem still isnt solved.. i think its most important thing to do .. ppls keep quiting cuz this issue
  4. if its not ready so turn it off fix it and then turn on.. why we crush every 2min...
  5. gj admin maybe now can work on the c++ problem? i found nothing about on the net.. my laptop doesnt have this problem only regular pc and it started after 2 weeks of gameplay
  6. u have same error as mine?
  7. please guys i need help with it it keep crushing allways 1-2 clients running not all and random times/clients anyone maybe had this and can help?
  8. need help its not work its still keep crushing and same error
  9. its already istalled,it started since yesterday
  10. is somehting gonna be done with that?
  11. im training at noria ruins and some red players just killing whole pt and when he dies he comes again i think if ppls die in noria ruins should teleport to somehere alse not to noria ruins so red ppls wont come over and over again
  12. i think its gonna be nice to have those events few times aday for 1hr was allways nice befor