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  1. How did you know then?
  2. Now you are lying. Muczaczos wasn't present for the siege. We only knew that we were current owners of dungeon siege and because of that there was no option to register which is exactly the same as in CS. We wanted confirmation from admin but we can't reach him for over a week.
  3. Everybody means who? This is this server custom event bascially only admins know how it works and thats why I'm here. We couldn't play the event so I said it's bugged. You can play castle siege even if you won last one. This server has low population it should allow anyone to take part in the event.
  4. It's my first time I have said anything about quitting. I have never misinformed anyone about anything. I just wanted to know why event is set up in such weird way. We came on time with other people in guild and waited for event to start only to find out we CAN'T play.
  5. I'm done then. I want to play the game but I'm not allowed to. This is a bad game design.
  6. So during todays Dungeon Siege Forest guild couldn't participate even though we were previous dungeon winners. We couldn't register for dungeon siege as we were current owners. We couldn't enter the event map during dungeon siege as game didn't recognize us as participants. We couldn't play. @Admin What's the point of this event if you can't participate in this event more than once in a row?
  7. It's still shutting down every once in a while.
  8. I have same problem with EE buff after adding points to MST, it lasts only 1minute now.
  9. I never said anything about damage. This thread is about attack success rate.
  10. We will never get really big fights if it stays like that.
  11. @Admin I'm still waiting for a "No !"
  12. Team vs team event is always during Happy Hours so I never end up going there since I rather would not waste 2x exp and 2x drop bonus. I'd like to suggest to place Team vs team event outside of Happy hour duration.
  13. CC is mostly empty so current reward probably isnt too tempting.
  14. @Admin Can we have official announcement on this?
  15. Raven attack success rate is tied to it's level. At level 50 it will always be 1800 no matter how many stats your DL has. The problem here is that with only 1800 rate it will be impossible to hit high level mobs and players with high agi even if your DL has max stats. Raven has been forgotten by webzen since season 2, so my suggestion is to make it better. If it's possible raven succes rate should have it's own formula dependant on DL own stats. It could even mirror DLs own attack rate.