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  1. I've got items with luck from kundun+2 so I guess they loot.
  2. Ah alright also rena is only obtainable from the drop event ,right ?
  3. Hey I think it would be good idea to add Rena into loot table from monsters. Since for now I haven't picked any on the many spots I used to make resets. The only possibility to earn Rena is from Drop event and if you are unlucky enough like I just was I got chaos card for 10 renas and swapped it for 1 bless.
  4. Hey What level do I need to have to unlock certain classes ? (magic gladiator / summoner / dark lord / rage fighter) ?
  5. I'm pretty sure I've been muse elf for a long time and yet after 300++ I was getting only 5points per level. But thanks for the answer
  6. Hello Sometimes I'm getting 6 stats per level as elf or other class when leveling up and sometimes I am getting 5 stats per level. From what it is dependent ?
  7. It doesn't mean better economy for the game It just means fake online numbers which will cause a lot of trouble later on in the game. Imagine having half of the player base playing on 5 characters non-stop. Meaning if there are 200 players online - in reality there's only 40 players playing on each of their 5 characters (mostly afking). And 40 players online ain't good.
  8. I'm up for deleting pk clear command also