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  1. Sorry Hydro I've quit the game
  2. Jewel of Creation, Jewel of Bless, Excellent Plate shield + Luck + Hp. @ Quick edit Imo not worth gathering them.
  3. Hey I have done so far quite a bit of wings and items crafting. So it made me wonder if chaos machine is working properly. Overall on 5 wings level 2 (all with 90% chance) ; 3 success and 2 failed. But that's not even that bad. Here is the thing that scares me: I have tried to plus +10 and +11 items with Luck (85% chance of success) - in total of 6 items. Only 2 succeed. At this point 2 success out of 6 items within 85% doesn't look fair. Literally by mathematic calculating the percentage chance of success with 80% chance (i lowered it by 5% for easier math) out of 10 items it should fail only 2. When you have success 2 out of 6 items - it is 33.3% success ratio . Something is wrong here ^^.
  4. Lmao I would agree on that one - at this hour it shouldn't affect a lot of players + would fix your problem.
  5. They would need to fix a lot of things in order for that to happen. As example: BC and DS Extra Exp +25% isn't working. Time for entry to the bloodcastle is bugged - is literally 60 seconds instead of 4 minutes. Defense ratio on some monsters is insane, after being almost 2rr I miss half of the monsters in the Devil Square (320+). Without fixing anything major I don't think there will be a point of wiping the server.
  6. Well I don't know anything about alt characters PK-ing each other. I just know that people PK a lot in devias. Although I agree on the thing that killing someone with a lower level character without showing his real name is coward-like. And for people who have no idea who killed them over a night - here is a tip: Game folder / InfoLog / Killers -> you can check the time and a name of a killer (on a certain date).
  7. уровень 0 и требование низкой прочности
  8. Wasn't that mostly because you were already in a party ? I think that was a thing since lower seasons.
  9. Sometimes it is like that when you belong to the party.
  10. Now repeat it using human language :). Dragons loot +3 kunduns.
  11. As far as I know box of kundun for sure loot items + luck. I've seen some players with already exc aa items + luck which I have no idea where they got it from.
  12. ^ Same Ign: Tokyo
  13. So going back to the point: Can we do anything with those so called credits ?
  14. Hello I've just got +100 credits from achievement. Are there any use of those ?
  15. Around 10 renas not 100. Don't ask me how but it was enough to get achievement done
  16. Picking up Renas
  17. It said +100 credits , not WCoins
  18. Okey so I've put an offafk for a night and my character only rised up by 1 level since 12 hours. (Probably got pk-ed at the beggining) Not gonna joke around right now if I will catch some of these nicknames on afk - I will insta kill them. Have fun