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upcoming update - suggestion

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Crash Client Fixed !

For Update just re-Open Launcher and Start Game.

Unfortunately its not working ;/ still crashing



New Updates are coming ! New Good Things. Stay Tuned.

I suggest to focus on new content - people will get bored after 1-2 GR exping in same places Elbeland/Kanturu.

There are some maps in the game like Vulcanus, Swamp of something... This maps are useless for now. I suggest to make some better spots there - You can even make this maps really hard like for 3-5 GR chars - but people will keep in mind that they need to lvl up to farm there.

Same about new map after GR - Karutan - some better spots (like 5-10% better than Elbeland 3). Going with this changes You should updating Dungeon/LOT few spots with players progress - i mean if u add a bit better spots in higher maps and ppl will get enough resets to farm there - than You should add same spots in lot/dung +1 mob to make this events still atractive :)


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